Saturday, March 03, 2007

Memories at the back of the Fridge

There's something to be said for familiarity. You could say quite a lot, actually. It breeds contentment, contempt, or, maybe, that it clutters up your fridge.

The latter is the case here. Exhibit A, one lump of goat cheese. At this point, it's more useful as a building material than it is as a foodstuff. Food really shouldn't go "clunk" on your plate.

So why do I still have it?

Memories, really. Goat cheese, in this house, used to be known as "Arthur Bait," the one substance known to invoke an appearance by the Arthur twins — Alison and Andrea — by it's mere mention. We used to go through a lot of goat cheese. But then, the twins graduated, and moved away. And here is the cheese, years later, reminding me of fun times we had with them here.

In all honesty, though, I don't have much use for a lump of semi-petrified cheese at the back of my fridge. So I'm chronicling it here, and then, I'm going to throw it away. And so, perhaps, one day, either Alison or Andrea will come across this, and say, "We need to go visit Andy and Deborah!"

And if that happens, I will go and buy a new block of cheese.


Carolina Kerr said...

Oh, dear. I hope I get to you before you throw the cheese out. Hardened goat cheese is still quite useable if you grate it. You can put it in macaroni, melt it on bread or crackers, use it for anything you would use parmesan cheese for. It's far too expensive to throw out, in my book.

Andy said...

It's long gone by now, I'm afraid. A while back, we did try grating a bunch and using it much as you suggested, but we never really found a food combination that really struck home. Perhaps we weren't imaginative enough.