Monday, March 26, 2007

I'd probably have to buy a new motorcycle...

Next time I say, "I can't imagine how it would take longer than 15 minutes..." kindly and gently remind me that I have very little imagination.

My motorcycle came with two keys. One normal key, one wallet key. The wallet key has since wandered away, and my attempts to get a new spare cut haven't been encouraging. I've been to every hardware store in town, and no one has a blank that matches. So finally, while I was out at the dealership on Saturday to pick up my new mirror, I asked them for some blanks. They looked a little nervous, but found me some Suzuki-stamped blanks that looked about right. I was delighted, even at $5 apiece.

After I got home and finished insalling my other purchases, I told Deborah I was going to pop over to the hardware store and get the spares made. "How long will that take?" she asked. "I can't imagine how it would take longer than 15 minutes..." ...oh, how wrong I was.

I handed over the key and the blanks, and the guy got this very serious look on his face. (I still wonder what it is they're looking at...) He said he'd give it a try, and spent an inordinate amount of time fiddling with the machine to make sure it was set up right. After 20 minutes and several dry runs, I finally heard the whine of metal being cut. "Did you ride this here?" I did, and we walked out to the parking lot to try it out. No go. We wnt back inside for more fiddling on a different machine. When we returned to the parking lot, the key opened the gas cap, but wouldn't work in the ignition. Back and forth we went, trying this, trying that, even trying out one of his own blanks that he thought might work. Finally, after more than an hour, he apologized that he couldn't get it to work. "No charge."

So now I have a spare key fo the gas cap. I don't know what I'm going to do if I lose the other one...

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