Thursday, March 29, 2007

One more

I've been seeing these little booths out on the backroads for years, but it wasn't until recently that I learned what they were for. They're for schoolkids, waiting outside for the bus to come. Most of them are little more than a few walls to keep the wind off in the middle of winter, and scarcely larger than the chilren they're built to protect, but reportedly, some of them are pretty fancy, with windows, TVs, space heaters, and microwaves.


Jonadab said...

Around here, most of them are just a bench, three walls, and a roof, with the front open facing the road. The left and right sides, on the exterior, often carry advertising, so the thing doubles as a sort of billboard.

Andy said...

OK, I have to ask: Who is advertising on the sides of these huts? I've seen barns painted with advertisements, and ads on bus shelters in larger cities, but on these things? What's being advertised?

Jonadab said...

Whoever wants to advertise, I guess, probably the same sorts of people who advertise on billboards.

The only specific example I recall is down on route 13 IIRC, north of Mt. Vernon, where there's one that advertises Curves (a work-out club for women). I only remember who the advertiser was in that case because my sister was joking that it's the "world's smallest Curves", even smaller than the one in Galion (which is shoehorned into a downtown storefront). The sign on the shelter is, of course, actually advertising a Curves that's at another location, probably closer in toward town I imagine.

There are also some down in Morrow County (which is pretty rural (for Ohio)), not far from Candlewood Lake (a gated community about fifteen minutes due south of Galion) with advertising on them, but I don't remember what's being advertised on those ones.

Apart from that, I don't recall where else I've seen this phenomenon.