Saturday, December 23, 2006

Early Christmas Presents

Today, Paul, May, Deborah and I got together and exchanged all the presents that wouldn't easily fit in a suitcase. The gist of that was that Fiona and Aiden got a few early Christmas presents apiece.

Aiden got a very cute rocking-zebra from May.

Fiona got some fun paintcan stilts (and a few hundred stickers to decorate them with) from Paul.

Aiden got a toy train from us that I swear is going to drive me insane. As soon as we get back from New Hampshire, I'm going to see about adding some sort of volume control. Otherwise it's very spiffy.

For the sake of present parity, Fiona also got a puzzle. Thing is, we weren't exactly sure what was going to be on the puzzle. It turned out to be a very yellow pup in a very green basket, like the photo suggested.

Two gift exchanges down, one more to go!

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