Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's all relative(s)

Today I got to meet some of the interesting members of Deborah's extended family. They invited themselves over on the pretext of teaching us how to make kim-bop, which is apparently sushi rolls without the sushi. It was fun, but it wasn't what we had originally planned for the day. One of the biggest surprises was getting to see Katana again ("Like the sword, not the motorcycle" — what, you have something against Suzukis?) and have her be taller than me, at age 11. Last I saw her, before Deborah and I were married, she was being carried around; now she passes for a high schooler easily. Weird.

Sara, May, Katana.

They left, and we had a relatively humdrum day (none of us were feeling too chipper; I think we've all shared our cold viruses) reading and hanging out. When I awoke from a nap, I discovered that another set of relatives had arrived, and we were trying to talk great-grandma into taking care of their enormous dog.

They left when we mentioned we were going out to eat. While I was still recovering from the previous conversation (ordering a new video off of eBay to replace one that was fragged by the airport X-ray machines) my mother-in-law said, offhandedly, "Hey, do you know what makes your eyes do that, see all these flashes?" Somewhat alarmed, I did a Google search for "Amsler Grid" and showed it to her. Not good. No central vision in her right eye. I talked her into calling an eye doctor, despite the hour, and she made an appoinment for the next morning.

We capped off the evening by trying to go out for scallops. Well, some of us made it — the rest of us waited at home for Paul to come back to get the second carload, but he got lost on rural New Hampshire's wandering, unmarked back roads. I could sympathize, though; last time I was here, on the motorcycle, I would stop after each turn, turn around in my seat, and memorize what the turn would look like for the trip back. And that was just to got to the store!

What a day!

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