Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What would Jesus do?

You've just poured yourself a cup of coffee. There's half a cup left in the carafe. Do you leave it? Or do you make a new pot? What would Jesus do? (Assume, for a moment, that Jesus was up all night praying, and wanted some coffee with his morning figs.) Jesus undoubtedly wouldn't leave someone else stuck with only half a cup. But then, Jesus probably wouldn't waste half a cup of perfectly good coffee, either. Aaaagh!

So here is my solution: leave the coffee, but draw the water and have everything ready for the next person who comes along and wants more.

I guess we'll find out what my co-workers think!


Jonadab said...

I can think of two solutions. Either you pour yourself about three-quarters of a cup, leaving the next person three-quarters of a cup, which despite being not quite as much as is wanted is nonetheless probably enough, or else you drink the cup and a half and make the new pot. I guess it depends how strongly you feel that three-quarters of a cup really isn't enough, versus how sure you are that a cup and a half is really too much. I would think that anyone who drinks coffee with any substantial frequency would run into this situation fairly often. (Personally, I'm more of a hot chocolate kind of guy, but if hot chocolate were made in pots like coffee I'd have a tendency to drink the cup and a half and make the pot in that situation.)

Carolina Kerr said...

I don't work there, so theoretically I shouldn't comment, but there is yet another solution. Put the small amount of coffee in a cup of some sort that can be identified as "clean, unused coffee" and set it by the coffeemaker to be heated up in the microwave by anyone who wants it. Then make the new batch. One big problem with leaving such a small amount of coffee with heat underneath it is that it will overheat and scorch and taste bad, and then people won't want it anyway.