Monday, December 11, 2006

Since y'all asked...

The photo I posted last week of the mist on the lake has proved to be very popular, and I've consistently gotten two requests from quite a number of people:

  1. Can I get a bigger version, to use as desktop wallpaper?
  2. Can I get a version without those poles and wires?

I'm happy to oblige you all with both. Click on the small photo here to open the large, edited version in all its 2 megabyte glory.

I'm not going to muck it up by putting a copyright notice on it, but I know most of the people who visit here, and I trust that you all will be wise in this matter. Credit where credit is due? Thank God for his amazing creation.

Edit: Apparently Blogger doesn't want to store a 2 MB file; if you're discontent with the size of the 140 k file linked here, email me and I will send you a larger version.

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