Thursday, October 26, 2006

All roads lead to Rome; All shirts are from Ecuador

Deborah's mother, like all mothers, is concerned that her children are
properly clothed. At least, that's what I make of it. Every time we've
met, each of us come away from the reunion with a shirt of some kind, and
most of these shirts involve Ecuador in some way.

Now, Fiona is learning to read. She recognizes most of the letters
readily, but whole words are still beyond her. So she goes around asking,
"What's that word say?" and we tell her.

Between our disinclination to buy shirts for ourselves, and the number of
shirts my mother-in-law has given us, Fiona now thinks that any shirt that
has writing on it says "Ecuador."

1 comment:

lightpaths said...

That's hilarious! Next thing you know she'll think that the word "Ecuador" means "logo" or "graffiti".