Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day Two

...and there was evening, and there was morning; it was Day Two. And the Designer came in to find that the top banner had finally finished printing. And the Designer said, "Good grief, I sent this to the printer yesterday morning at ten. I hope they don't all take this long." And the Designer made a mental note to not do an on-printer rotation with an 800MB file.

The Designer looked at the printout, and saw that it was good. He rejoiced, which, for him, meant that the corners of his mouth went up a millimeter or two and stayed there.

The designer looked at the vastness of the printout, and said, "Surely there is some easier way to trim off the white edge of this without having to use scissors or X-acto knives and rulers." And the Designer experimented discreetly with an electric letter-opener, but wasn't impressed with its accuracy.

When he was done trimming, the Designer rolled up the expanse like a scroll, and taped it with Texacro® brand hook-and-loop fastener—but just the hook side. When the Designer realized that he could not stretch forth his hands to a measure of twelve feet, he called upon Marti the Great, and together, the scroll was opened upon the vast expanse.

And many stopped what they were doing to look, and say that it was Cool. And that made the Designer smile just a little bit more.

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