Sunday, October 22, 2006

Well, would you go?

This morning in Church, we had Frank Drown come in to speak at the start of our week-long missions conference. If the name isn't familiar, he was a team member with Nate Saint and the other missionaries who were killed by the Auca indians some 50 years ago... and led the expedition to go and find what had happened to them when radio contact was lost.

To say the story was gripping was an understatement. I recall my sisters having a comic book version of Through Gates of Splendor when I was a kid, and was barely able to read (and certainly not up to understanding everything that was going on in the story). I'd never heard the complete account, and certainly not from someone who had been so directly involved.

But it was the decision-making that really hit home.

There are naked, savages who kill regularly, and outside contact is fearsome and deadly. You have a wife and small children.

Would you go?

Your friends are among this group, and are presumed dead; people want to know what has happened to them. You have a family, too.

Would you go?

Your husband was killed by these people. They have only begun to hear the gospel.

Would you go?

I'm no hero. Never have been. But increasingly, I've been thinking,
Yes. Yes, I would go.

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