Monday, October 16, 2006

The things you hear (a.k.a. The Toothpaste Incident)

You hear the most interesting things with kids around the house. You utter phrases you thought you would never say. ("No rhinos in the sugar!" is one of our favorites.)

Sometimes, you'll hear creative grammar, like "Aiden passed two gasses!"  You or I might have said, "passed gas twice" or, more likely,  wouldn't have mentioned gas-passing at all.

And then there's the phrases that seem unremarkable on their own, but fill you with dread the instant you hear them. Last night, the prime example of this was, "The toothpaste is all gone."


There were three almost-full tubes by the sink earlier that day...

We came into the bathroom to find Fiona sitting on the potty (what we thought she was doing) with one shoe off, filling it with toothpaste (which we never thought of her doing) and remarking that we seemed to be running low on toothpaste. She seemed to have missed the third tube, which I count as a small blessing.

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Amy said...

Kids'll do that to you. Lately I've been keeping a mental list of things I never thought I'd hear myself say. My current favorite: No, you can't sit in the refrigerator. My daughter thinks the ledge along the bottom (the one that holds space for the shelving in the door) is a bench made just for her.