Thursday, October 12, 2006

The long march to AAR/SBL

Every year, one of the highlights—and underscores, I suppose—of my job is to prepare an amazing number of display items for our booth at the American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature conferences. There are usually 4-5 book covers to design, a fresh backdrop for the entire booth, about a dozen posters, and often a catalog, as well, all on a very tight schedule. I'm no stress puppy, but I actually do enjoy this time of the year—it's a very creative place to be.

Things get a little more interesting this year. Tomorrow, my main supervisor (I have three supervisiors) leaves to go to New York for 10 days. I get to fill in for her. James, the marketing manager, actually asked me not to commit suicide over the weekend! Right in the middle of a meeting! I was speechless, but I got over that and assured him that I had no such plans.

Or maybe he was worried about the fact that I rode my motorcycle to work in the snow...? Nah... he knows that's normal behavior for me!

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