Saturday, November 25, 2006

Adventures in the Kitchen

How do you clean your kitchen for a big feast? Well, here's one method that guarantees you'll both a) do it, and b) do it thoroughly.
  1. Make sure you have a glass table.
  2. Make sure you have two sets of pans with heavy lids, which almost fit each other, but not quite.
  3. Take the largest of said mismatched pots and lids, and hold the combination about a foot above the table.
  4. Tip slightly.
  5. The pot lid should slide off the pot suddenly and go through the glass table top.
  6. Presto! You now have several hundred sharp, pointy reasons to deep-clean your kitchen!


Deborah and Paul, looking sad. Even the beach ball (in the high chair) looks a little deflated.


Jonadab said...

This only works for some types of kitchen flooring (cheifly, carpet). If you've got linoleum or tile, it'll take two minutes flat with a broom to be certain you got all the shards of glass, and you still won't feel like scrubbing the grime off the floor.

lightpaths said...

So did you get a new table or what? (I see the table in the next photo is square.)

Andy said...

The table in subsequent pictures is a card table we (borrowed from/stole from/plan to return to) the neighbors. Paul and Deborah went and picked up the new glass for the table on Wednesday; I'll set it up this afternoon.