Wednesday, November 15, 2006

...and eight cents

I came in to work this morning to find that they'd taken up a collection to help with my veterinary bill. Thanks, guys! I think that covers the mysterious eight cents.

Now, I wonder — do I spend that 5 cent Euro piece as a penny? It might pass for one. Will anyone around here recognize it's near-nickle value? What would the bank charge in exchange fees...?

Or, do I instead pocket it for my coin collection that I started way back when, in a California laundromat, when I spilled my change and discovered that one of the pennies had a portrait of someone other than Lincoln? And will I be able to feed my family if I do that?

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

1 comment:

Jonadab the Unsightly One said...

According to Google, that five eurocent piece is worth over *six* cents US. Wouldn't want you to get shortchanged.