Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Remember the Toothpaste Incident? Well, I think we've got a pattern going, here. We gave Fiona several choices of what she could "be" to go trick-or-treating (It had to be cheap to make, and it had to be something she could recognize — No point making an elaborate costume if she didn't know what she was) and she chose... toothpaste.

Fiona wasn't to be alone in her trick-or-treating, of course, and so was accompanied by Deborah, who went as herself; May, who went as a fairy; Aiden, as a frog-in-a-wagon; and Paul, who we transformed into a mountaineer by putting a broom handle in his hand and putting up the hood on his alpaca sweater. (We didn't transform Paul until later, which is why he's not pictured here.)

Meanwhile, I stayed home with the bags of candy. I didn't want to be nothing, so I grabbed my motorcycle rain gear, and donned an old black helmet with a tinted faceshield. I quickly discovered that with the lights out in the living room, you couldn't see me, even if I was standing right up against the screen door. Half the people didn't see me until I was halfway out the door to give them their candy, and that scared quite a number of people!

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