Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All Along the Clocktower

Don, on a much warmer day than today

I made a sad discovery this morning: the Clocktower Bakery (turn three/pitstop on my morning commute) is going out of business. The couple that run it, Don Berger (and his wife, whom I've never met — she's always in the back, baking) are retiring at the end of the second week in December. Plans seem to include a lot of local traveling: "We have a small family. Five kids. Eleven grandchildren."

Now, this is a place where I walk in and say, "The usual!" and they know what that is. For a while, I could even say, "Put it on my tab!" (The exclamation points are necessary. Don's a little hard of hearing) and they'd give me a wink and scribble it down. It's also the place I learned, from the small array of clocks across the back wall, that Calcutta is half an hour off from everyone else — seems they didn't want to share a time zone with Pakistan.

So now what? I don't begrudge the Bergers their retirement (quite the opposite!) but I would like to see the bakery continue. So: the place is for sale. If you...
  1. Always wanted to move to Winona Lake
  2. Want to buy a bakery
  3. Don't mind seeing me a few days a week
  4. Promise to make really good blueberry muffins
... your opportunity awaits!

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