Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day Three

On the third day, the Designer began to call forth continen... fragments, by name, calling them Ancient Near East, Biblical Studies, Archaelogy, and Ancient Languages, and behold, each of them were 23.65 inches at their widest point, for lo, that was the widest one could print on a 24-inch printer.

And the Marketing Director looked over the firmament, and said, "Let there be shelves!"

Shelves? How many shelves?

And the Marketing director spake, and said, "Let there be four shelves, so that we may lay proof sets on them, that the masses may see the Good Books that we are bringing forth."

And the Designer did blanch, for he saw only two places fit for shelving. The Designer asked the Marketing Director, "Did Jim really say that we must have four shelves?" And tMD (as he shall be abbreviated from hereon out) said, "let us ask the Boss about this," and the two soujourned forth unto the Office of Jim. And Jim spake:

"Let there be Milk and Honey, and Judah and the Judeans, and two other titles, that they may be proof sets, and that the masses may gaze thereon."

And the Designer did opine that these should fit on two shelves, and Jim and tMD didst agree that two would be the number of shelves for this year, and that we could worry about four shelves for next year. The Designer did then carve a space into Ancient Languages for one of the shelves, and canceled plans for Antarcti... Fragment C.

And that was morning, and in the afternoon, Pam did say, "What are the chances of getting that Encyclopaedia Iranica done by Thursday?" and the Designer did rest from his creation to meet other deadlines.


Jonadab the Unsightly One said...

That really is starting to look like a nice booth backdrop.

I gather that somebody's going to stand in front of this, and in front of them a table, with books and stuff on it, and another black backdrop hanging down from the front of the table to just above the floor, hosting another bit of display... Have I got that about right?

Andy said...

You're pretty much right on the money, except that there generally isn't much display below tabletop level.

I'll post pictures from the actual conference when I get them (I don't [get to/have to] attend, myself); this is just one section of the booth, which is going to take up both sides of an aisle. It's arguably the most elaborate and central piece, though.