Monday, June 11, 2007

Go fly a kite

While we were wandering around the flea market, we noticed a very colorful booth, looked at each other, and said, "Lets' go over that way," both of us knowing we'd be walking away with a new kite. (Hey, we've been married 10 years now. Some things are obvious!)

"This is a great kite! Here, I'll show you!" This guy insisted on launching our kite for us to show us how easy it was. He got it up, unassisted, on the first toss, from the middle of a crowded aisle in the flea market.

We weren't disappointed. This guy was enthusiastic, and obviously in the business because he loved kites — a fun change from the standard "service with a shrug" that you get in most of Indiana. He found us a good kite, gave us a non-crash course in flying it ("There's no reason to be running with a kite, folks!") and made sure we knew how to put it together.

Thursday turned out to be very windy, plenty for a kite. So we went out on the lawn and flew it for a bit before heading home.

Up and Away!

Kite not flying.

Kite flying!

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