Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How does your garden grow? (part 2)

Since Paul helped us with our garden, we went and helped him with his. The two Pauls wanted to grow vegetables instead of flowers, though, so there was a lot more ground to prepare. Fortunately, our neighbors loaned us a tiller, and that made the work a little easier... or, at least, different. I was pretty sore from lifting that tiller in and out of the trunk!

Paul Hostetter and Deborah work at tilling the soil.

Andy and Paul Hostetter clear out the remaining grass.

Paul plants tomatoes.

We did one afternoon all together, including the kids. They got into it, too, with Fiona digging up the yard...

...and dumping it on Aiden. Aiden normally has sparse blonde hair, not brown.

Deborah had pretty dirty feet afterwards, too — I guess that's why you don't see too many farmers in sandals.


Carolina Kerr said...

I seem to be missing something here. By my calculations it is still Tuesday, June 12, even with the time difference between Spain and Winona Lake. Also I haven't been able to find "how does your garden grow I". Are you just trying to generate comments by postdating part II before publshing part I? It worked. I hope all of your gardens produce what you have planted.

Andy said...

Date fixed.

How does your garden grow, part 1, is actually right there on the first page; you just need to scroll down to May 17th, or click on the link I provided in the text of the first paragraph.

It's not a trick for comments, although comments are always welcome.

Carolina Kerr said...

Sorry, I was in a very bad mood and allowed my crankiness to make me complain instead of appreciating the really delightful pictures and commentary you posted. Please forgive me.