Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The books go marching one by one, hurrah! Hurrah!

Finally, after far too much time, the books have started marching out to our very patient customers — and a few of the other ones, as well. :-) Thank God for people who keep asking, for lo, they do help us to get things done.

Anything fragile, liquid or perishable? Nope, all books...

Neal the Longsuffering, and Justin the Cheerful hold up one of the new covers. Things had actually been going badly at the moment — the metallic inks weren't getting along with the black ink — but they smiled anyway. And so did I. It came out OK in the end.

We were supposed to have a book collating party tonight at the youth center at our church, but only one person showed up, and it wasn't someone with a key. It was an odd contrast to last time they helped us out, when some 16 or so teenagers helped us assemble 800 books in just a few hours. Maybe we misunderstood when we were supposed to be there... who knows. We haven't figured out yet what happened.

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