Thursday, June 14, 2007


MMMMMmmmmm, strawberries.

Deborah took the kids strawberry picking yesterday, along with some friends of ours. There are several pick-your-own patches around here, and they largely work on the honor system — pick it yourself, weigh it yourself, figure $1.35 per pound, leave the money in the milk jug. (The milk jug makes getting change a little difficult.)

With the kids around, Deborah didn't get quite as much as the rest (wonder why?) but it was plenty, about five pounds' worth. I'm told they assume you'll be eating as you pick, too!

Aiden, looking cute in the wagon.

Fiona took Aiden for rides...

...and helped pick, too. And then she very carefully put them in her pockets, and carried them over to the bucket! Deborah had to tell her to just carry them in her hands, instead.

Once everyone was home, washed, and put to bed (as appropriate) we called up Paul to come help us make jam.

Take the stems off...

Moosh it up... cook it up...

Ta-dah! Strawberry Jam!

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Carolina Kerr said...

Yummy looking, all right. Fiona and Aiden are so cute I could eat them up, too. I'm not prejudiced at all, of course.