Monday, June 11, 2007

The shot I didn't get

The Amish, because of their beliefs, don't care to be photographed. So I didn't get the shot, even though I had my camera on, and in hand — but it's a picture that will stay in my memory for quite some time.

I had been standing at the side of the road, getting pictures of Shipshewana, when a horse and buggy went by. Most of these carrieages are severe-looking, all-black affairs with only the tiniest of windows, but it was a hot day, and some of the doors were open. As it went past, a little girl, about Fiona's age, in a plain, pink dress and I saw each other, and her curious eyes followed me all the way out the door, looking back so all I saw was the glossy black side of the carriage, interrupted by a head covering, a blonde braid and two little eyes staring back at me.

That was the picture I wanted from this trip. I'll have to be content that I saw it, even if I didn't interrupt it by using a camera to record the moment.

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