Friday, June 15, 2007


Stippling. It's one of the words on Andy's List of Words that are Fun to Say. It's also on Andy's list of things that are fun to do. Take, for instance, this catalog cover, which will be going to press in a week or so:

Now, would you like a closer look at that winged sphinx?

This is a bit smaller than the actual size of the page. You can always click on the image to see all those dots up close.

Basically, for this last week, I've spent the very last part of my working day making little dots with a Micron pen. It's been such fun. I've been giggling to myself all day: I get paid to stipple!


Mark said...

I so do not have the patience for stippling. It seems so tedious and masochistic to me. ;)

Andy said...

Well, I'm not doing it for hours on end, or anything, but it's a nice break from thinking. Wrap some headphones around your ears and enjoy an audiobook, while the world goes away for a time. Very refreshing.

Tim and Sandee Shuman said...

Nice job on the stippling. I know what you mean about the satisfaction of that technique. When you are in "the zone" time flies and it's not tedious at all. Nice to hear from you Andy. I remember that great job you did drawing BFA and the new addition to our facility. It's all a reality now.