Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Visualizing the Imagination

Recent advances in digital imaging technology have made a quantum leap, and we can now, for the first time, show you pictures of the IMAGINATION. Scientists do not yet have a good explanation for why some people can see these objects, while others can't, but the startling new evidence suggests that these objects are real. Normally, these would be at best hazy or indistinct to the naked eye, but our computer tracing technology has been able to superimpose outlines of these images on ordinary photographs, giving the rest of us a glimpse of what some people see so well. Our subject tonight is a young boy, living in Indiana. His name is Aiden, and we've been able to capture these images as they were projected onto a seemingly ordinary stick. Let's take a look, folks.

This was one of the more straightforward projections, a standard fantasy of Olympic glory. We're looking at at about 600 pounds in the clean-and-jerk.

"By the power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER!"
This sample was unusual in that we were also able to pick up an audio signal. We have yet to determine how this young boy could be quoting lines and actions from an 80s animated cartoon. We hypothesize that this may be a projection from the boy's father.

Leaving so soon, son? Hooverville is the other way.

At first, we thought the equipment was malfunctioning, but then, we realized that the metaphor was already complete: the staff, the cat, the pastoral stance of a shepherd. Yes, he's pretending to manage programmers.

"Aaaaaandy, I aaaaam your sooooonnnn..."


Carolina Kerr said...

Very cute. Cats are really quite hard to manage. Are programmers any easier?

Andy said...

Full disclaimer: I've never managed programmers, per se. Nor, for that matter, have I ever done it with cats, come to think of it...


Cats: creative, devious, semi-responsive.
Programmers: creative, devious, semi-responsive.

Will you fix what you broke?
Cats: No. And don't try to make me.
Programmers: It's not broken, it worked fine on my computer. You must have broken it.

Can they be picked up and thrown from the room for misbehavior?
Cats: I am sharp on five of my six ends.
Programmers: I know karate.

Can they be reasoned with?
Cats: No.
Programmers: Maybe.

So, programmers are (slightly) easeir to manage than cats. Or, at least, they are in the singular. Cats or programmers in groups may be another matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

the picture with the cat it looks like his holdin a broom :) very nice i saw you site by acsidente i was watchin the pic of the winged spinks