Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Photos, Part 1

The kids were just about jumping out of their skin with excitement.

Aiden watches one of his new books in action. Yeah, it's a book — and it comes with pop-out figures and a tiny little wind-up tractor that zooms around the pages on a little track.

Aunt Martha gets a puzzle...

Deborah, Fiona, and Aiden check out a very cool Narnia pop-up book from my sister Sharon.

No harm in letting Santa know what you'd like, eh Fiona?

Uncle Paul explains the proper function of thumb-sized Rock-em Sock-em Robots.

The cat got a rather exorbitant trip to the vet to get an abscess drained, but was in good spirits nonetheless...

Well, what would you give a 2-month-old, that she would genuinely appreciate?

O Christmas Tree...

My Aunt Martha is braver with her back than I am!

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