Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Once again... if you're trying to reconstruct an accurate chronology of my life, I say: Nyah-nyah! (I'll even say it in Spanish: ¡Ña-ña!) No such luck!

For the first time ever, we had to break out the kiddie table for Thanksgiving. We had seven adults around the main table (the record is nine), including my parents, who were to leave for Spain again the following morning, May, Paul, and my Aunt Martha, who had driven down from Alaska a few days earlier.

Deborah was still overcome with babyness, so I stepped up to the task of making the turkey. (It came out fine... eventually.) Paul and May pitched in with the pie-making, and my mother brought among other things a cranberry salad that I need the recipe to one of these days. (I know you're reading, Mom.) Yummy scrumbos all around.

I had many things to be thankful for — many of whom have names — but Fiona took the cake for cute thankfulness. These were aided by her Sunday school and preschool teachers; I note that the one from Sunday school was a bit more high-minded. One can only wonder at the prompting.

Fiona's preschool teacher had never heard of gnocchi until now. She assumed it was the name of a pet.

Awww. We'll have to see if she still feels this way when they're sharing a room together many years down the road. Fiona was the subject of another girl's drawing, too, which warms the heart, as well.


Carolina Kerr said...

I think the cranberry salad recipe is in the More With Less cookbook, which Deborah has, if I remember correctly.

Linus said...

I would just like to say, my Thanksgiving is not quite the same without no-spit candy, the request for which my mother assures me was forwarded on to Deborah. Since that was a few years ago, I shall renew my pleadings...

Andy said...


Bug your mom, 'cause Deborah says she did send her the recipe. Maybe she just doesn't want to share with you... ;-)

I'll see if I can find it when I go home for lunch.


Linus said...

ooooo...she is going to have a lot to answer for if she has been holding out on me...