Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Quite the "Outie"

Warning: Those squeamish about bodies and their functions will probably want to skip this post.

I took Risanna in for her 2-month checkup this morning. All is well; she's tall (long?) for her age, healthy all around, and the doctor agreed with me in my assessment that she's probably going to keep those blue eyes, rather than have them turn some other color.

The only matter which took some extra prodding and poking was Risanna's bellybutton. Or, rather the lack of one — she has a mild hernia, and so the place where her bellybutton would normally be tucked away, she has a large, squishy, gurgly bump a bit over an inch high and about the same distance across. It's fairly common (one in three kids have it*) and it isn't dangerous, so long as we can always poke the intestine back in. (It's a bit like playing with bubble wrap, actually, it's... fun.) If it won't go back in, then we're in for emergency surgery. But these things normally take care of themselves without any intervention, usually well before the child is 5. In the meantime, we've got a pretty accurate way to measure whether she has gas or not: pop the bellybutton in, and see how long it takes to pop back out.

Weird, eh?

* ...and we have three kids. I'm also told one in four kids is Chinese, so we're probably in for a shock should we have another baby.

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Linus said...

I can't picture the shocked looks on both your faces if Deborah gave birth to a Chinese baby!