Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tweet, Tweet

At the insistence of several people, I am trying out Twitter. The idea is that regular status updates bring people together. Or something. I've added the feed to the blog (that's it over there on the right) or you can follow my 140-character-or-less musings at http://twitter.com/life_amuses_me. I haven't made my mind up about it yet. Could be good, although there are some definite weirdnesses built in.


Carolina Kerr said...

The sourkraut pizza place is about half way between Fort Wayne and the Michigan border, about a mile or so west of one of the Interstate exits, on the south side of the road. I have explored many of the exits and have never found it again. I am glad to have you as a witness that it really does (or did) exist.

Mark said...

FYI: the Twitter plugin pops up a dialogue box saying:

A username and password are being requested by http://twitter.com. The site says: "Twitter API"

I've heard this is a bad thing (on Twitter, of course.)