Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Walk with Fiona

Aiden takes a nap while Fiona goes to preschool — or, at least he's supposed to. By the time he's actually asleep, it's time to go pick Fiona up... so Deborah calls upon me to take a break from work and go get Fiona. I'll drive or ride there, and we'll walk back together if the weather is nice, and talk.

This particular walk, Fiona kept stopping and asking me to take pictures of various things. I didn't have the camera with me, and said so, but I asked Fiona to show me exactly what she wanted. On my way back up the hill, I made sure I got those shots.

Here they are — what do you think they say about Fiona?

Fiona loves these leaves.

The lamp and bushes from some of our neighbors a block down.

I hadn't seen this nest up in the tree before. But Fiona spotted it...

A leaf on our porch.

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Carolina Kerr said...

Sounds like we're going to have another artist in the family.