Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yes! It LIVES! Bwahahahaha!

One of the last things I did in 2008 was to get my lathe running.

This wasn't just a matter of getting all the pieces to gether and making them fit — it involved cleaning about half the shed just so I would have a place to use the thing. I collected almost a decade's worth of wood scraps and gave them away to a family with a fireplace (I love Freecycle) and vacuumed up sawdust by the gallon. Ten years worth of junk wasn't pretty.

The lathe itself, despite the cobbled-together nature, came together very nicely.

Allan helped me a bit — electricity and I haven't always gotten along well.

You know how much stuff I had to clean to be able to get this in here?

Putting chisel to wood for the first time. What am I making? I... don't know, actually. But it was fun to do, very smooth, and nice to hold!

Now that I've got it running, I do realize one egregious oversight: I don't have any woodturning chisels! I got some practice in with a framing chisel, but there were many things about it that were less than ideal — like making a nice gentle curve with something that is inherently square. So now I need to sit down with the catalogs and find myself a good set of tools to use with my newest toy...


Linus said...

I love how when you aquire something for "free" it requires you to purchase other things so you can use the amazing 'free' thing now have in your possession...

Andy said...

Oh, I had no doubt I'd need more tools for this (there's a tool for every job, so for every job, I get a tool...) but what surprised me was that I hadn't planned ahead and had the new tools on hand for the occasion.