Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling Toolish

My name is Andy, and I am a tool addict.

OK, that wasn't as hard as they make it out to be. They say it's the first step to recove... WAIT! Who said I wanted to recover? More tools, woohoo!

My latest addiction addition arrived yestarday afternoon in the form of a set of new lathe chisels. They are gorgeous. They are massive. (The bowl gouge is nearly two feet long.) They have their own carrying case. And, of course, they are tools: I didn't get them to look at them, I got them so that I could use them. (I have, of course, done this both ways: I've got a tool! Let's go find something to use it on! and, just as often, I've got a project! Let's go get a tool to use on it!)

I now have pretty much everything I need to start turning in earnest — including a patron! My co-worker ("like a Medici with less intrigue") has commissioned a matching set of peppermill, saltshaker, and coarse-salt bowl in some sort of exotic, pretty wood. She buys the wood and hardware, I get to do the turning. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

I suppose I should find Deborah a book to read while I go disappear into the shed to try these out, eh?


Linus said...

Now you just need to get Stephanie Meyer to write another book...quick!!

Andy said...

Nah, Deborah's back to re-reading the first book again. SM has, on her website, a copy of the first book as written from Edward's (the vampire's) perspective, and now she's going back to the original to see what all she missed.

Linus said...

Have you read the Ender's game series? He wrote Ender's shadow the same it more than ender's game if that's possible. Really cool. I'm into those alternate perspective books...

Tim and Sandee Shuman said...

Love the chisels!! My teaching major was actually "Industrial Arts" and my favorite part of "Shop" was the lathe. It was a major goal in my life (at one point) to have my own lathe and chisels. Then came Germany.
Way to go, man.

Andy said...

@Linus_: I haven't read those yet, although they're very high on my list, especially now that I have twin nephews named Ender and Grey.

@Tim: I could totally see you with a lathe! Maybe BFA needs to expand into that traditional high school favorite: wood shop. :-)